About Us

About Us

Our Vision
The vision of the Smith-Phares Memorial Scholarship Fund is to grow into a financially healthy non-profit organization, capable of changing the lives of Houston-area students who demonstrate they have the potential to change the lives of others.

Our Mission
Our mission is to honor the legacy of Reardon and George through the Memorial Scholarship Fund by not only awarding annual scholarships to outstanding local college students, but also by mentoring and nurturing them to reach their full potential in their chosen field.

We believe…

  • That from generosity comes a positive benefit
  • In setting an example, in practicing what we preach
  • We have a responsibility to give to others
  • If we stay true to our values, the funding process will happen
  • Scholarship recipients must demonstrate that our values are their values, values that have influenced them throughout their lives
  • We will learn and continue to learn as the Scholarship Fund evolves
  • In connecting and building relationships
  • We can change the lives of others who in turn
  • Can also change the lives of others
Board Members:

  • Gloria Rooney
  • Jill Hickman
  • Joan Smith
  • Paul Smith
  • Neil Smith