George Phares

George Phares

George Phares

George had over 25 years of Human Resources experience. His background included labor relations in a union environment, recruiting, relocation, affirmative action/EEO, training, compensation and benefits. He received his B.S. degree in Economics from West Virginia University, and was President of Strategic Direction Resources, Inc, a consulting firm specializing in affirmative action program development for federal contractors.

George was a featured speaker for organizations such as the Texas Employment Law Council, the Bay Area Human Resources Management Assoc. (for which he was a past Vice-President), the Greater Houston Industrial Liaison Group, the Human Resources Consulting Network-Houston, HR Houston,”97 Talk Radio” KKTL 97.1 FM, and VoiceAmerica internet radio. He also served as President of the Houston Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) and was a board member of HR Houston.

His company, Strategic Direction Resources, Inc, was a valuable resource for federal contractors who wanted to focus on their core business without sacrificing regulatory compliance. By partnering with Strategic Direction Resources for their affirmative action program development, George’s clients benefited from up-to-date knowledge of regulatory requirements; timely completion of compliance-ready affirmative action plans; statistical monitoring programs developed to meet their needs while reducing the financial risk of unnecessary complaints and claims by employees filed with federal enforcement agencies.

George and wife Debbie were high-school sweethearts and celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary June 22, 2009

Hobbies: Keen photographer, loved being with their six grandchildren.

Reflections about George from family and friends:

My fondest memory of George was the day he brought Heather home from the hospital …what a proud daddy he was! As all of the family gathered around waiting to hold our first grandchild, George refused to let go of her, even for a minute. There she was, this beautiful, little bundle of joy and George smiling from ear to ear. As Heather and Cory grew up, George was always there for them. What a great Dad!”

George was genuinely a very kind and thoughtful man who loved life and enjoyed sharing it with family and friends. His work ethics were beyond reproach, and his professional career was a great example for every employee and entrepreneur to follow. He was always dedicated, professional an ethical in his business endeavors. I am extremely proud and honored to call George Phares my good friend. I miss him very much.”

George was more than a son …he was my best friend.”

George was quiet but always full of fun. He enjoyed life and loved giving wonderful surprises …I’ll always remember the great seats and the fun at the Houston Texans game in Oakland. My very first football game! What a great time! He loved photography and I always enjoyed the pictures he emailed me, whether they were of the whales from his Alaska trip, a football game of his favorite team (the Texans, of course) or the beautiful pictures of his grandchildren and family. Lastly, I’ll always remember the wonderful surprise dinner at Chez Nous restaurant.”

George was a professional at everything he decided to take on. Life was an adventure and he loved the ride. Always the optimist with the glass half full. We miss our fearless leader.”